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About us

Herefordshire LMC has incorporated and merged with Worcestershire LMC so all services and website will now be faclitated by Worcestershire and Herefordshire Local Medical Committee Ltd.

LMCs are the independent bodies, recognised and defined by statute in the NHS Act 2006, (as amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2012) as formally representing to NHS England, and through delegated primary care commissioning arrangements, to CCGs, all GPs providing NHS general medical services ( ie GMS partners) and any other GPs performing ( ie PMS or APMS partners , salaried GPs and locums) NHS primary medical services in their area that choose to be so represented. The pastoral role of the LMC is the key function.

The LMC is a self-financing body, paid for by a levy of GPs earnings. We are not a trade union but have a statutory role within the NHS. When the National Insurance bill was first introduced in 1911 locally elected committees of general practitioners were given statutory recognition as the representative voice of the panel doctors. The 1911 Act introduced by Lloyd George was the forerunner of a national health service and the LMCs have continued to function and develop through all the changes in the NHS since that time. The statutory role of the LMCs has been enshrined by successive acts including the original NHS Act and subsequent legislation. In 1989 the NHS extended the LMC role to include representation of all GPs whatever their contractual status. (i.e. GMS, PMS and APMS doctors.)

The LMC consists of GPs represented by constituency across the county of Herefordshire. We also at times co-opt representatives to deal with areas of particular interests. The committee meets regularly at the Post Graduate Centre at Wye Valley Trust Hereford. The LMC has very close links with the General Practitioners Committee West Midlands covering the 13 LMCs across the whole of the West Midlands. 

In addition to the NHS Statutory duties and GP support role, Herefordshire LMC takes an active role promoting GPs interests both locally and nationally with the media, other health organizations and local Members of Parliament. Members attend all the major Medico-Political conferences annually. (BMA Annual Representatives Meeting, LMC Conference and LMC Secretaries Conference.)

What we do

  • Monthly Newsletter - filtering information so you only receive the most important information
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Premises Negotiations
  • Professional Representation
  • Working with Journalists and the Media
  • Contract Advice and Clarification
  • Clinician Support
  • Practice Manager Support
  • Pastoral Support
  • Whistle Blowing Support
  • Mediation
  • Promotion of General Practice
  • Building local relationships within the Health Economy