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MS Word DocumentFirearms Standard Letter.docDec 29, 2016
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Benefits Agency.docJul 13, 2017
MS Word DocumentLMC A traffic light system for assessing work changes in general practice and whether or not they are compatible with the GP forward view – how you the GP and your LMC can hold commissioners of health care to account..docAug 10, 2016
MS Word DocumentSchools requesting OTC medicines template letter from LMC.docAug 7
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children.docMay 11, 2017
MS Word DocumentReSPECT FAQs.docxMar 1, 2017
MS Word DocumentCKD EPI communication to Patients from WAHT.docxSep 4
MS Word DocumentLMC Law Checklist for Merging Practices.docxFeb 6, 2017
MS Word DocumentEU Exit operational readiness guidance.docxJan 21
MS Word DocumentBMA Firearms licensing process: GP support guide.docxMar 6, 2017
MS Word DocumentBMA Patient information - diamorphineFINAL August 2018.DOCXAug 13
MS Word DocumentGPC List of Enhanced services.docxMay 16, 2016
MS Word DocumentGPC Advice on preventing telephone fraud.docxAug 8, 2016
MS Word DocumentLMC Buying Group - State-backed Indemnity Update - Run Off Cover - v4 Final.docxNov 5
MS Word DocumentPatient information - diamorphineFINAL.DOCXJun 28