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MS Word DocumentLMC A traffic light system for assessing work changes in general practice and whether or not they are compatible with the GP forward view – how you the GP and your LMC can hold commissioners of health care to account..docAug 10, 2016
MS Word DocumentFirearms Standard Letter.docDec 29, 2016
MS Word DocumentLetter to Practice Managers - Final.doc11:23
MS Word DocumentSchools requesting OTC medicines template letter from LMC.docAug 7, 2018
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Benefits Agency.docJul 13, 2017
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children.docMay 11, 2017
MS Word DocumentDr R Dales - Conflict of Interest Declaration.docMay 7
MS Word DocumentCKD EPI communication to Patients from WAHT.docxSep 4, 2018
MS Word DocumentHPV Issue Form v1.0.docxOct 30
MS Word DocumentPCN Due Diligence Questionnaire v 0.1.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentPrimary Care Vacancies Flyer v4.docxNov 7, 2018
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Request for Copy of Records.docxJun 20, 2017
MS Word DocumentPCN Proxy Letter of Authorisation.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentLetter to CCGs and GPs FINAL.DOCXAug 12
MS Word DocumentSupply issues update for Primary care July 2018.docxJul 18, 2018