PCNs and Employment Issues by LMC Law

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Date: 28/11/2019

Time: 14:00

Event Details:

The LMC has secured a legal seminar to be facilitated by Shanee Baker from LMC Law. 

This Seminar covers issues with regard to employing within a PCN and the risk sharing agreements that will need to be considered. It has come about in response to the many queries we have had from LMCs and their Practices around these issues.

The Seminar will focus on the following aspects:

1) TUPE from the CCG
2) Employment by lead Practice
3) Employment by Federation
4) VAT
5) Structure
6) Staff sharing issues - risk, liability, indemnity
7) Funding
8) Termination of service - redundancy
9) Practice leaving PCN
10) Practice mergers within the PCN and how these affect the employment of any staff

There will be suffiicent time for questions.

Refreshments will be available.