Practice Managers’ Development Programme

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Date: 21/01/2020

Time: 09:00

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Content Overview

The advent of primary care networks creates a greater than ever need for practice managers to work together effectively and to develop their own skills and personal strengths.


PCC has several years’ experience of providing leadership development and skills training to practice managers. What we’ve learnt in that time has been distilled into a short but intensive programme to give busy practice managers the development support they need while recognising that current pressures leave them little time to get their heads above water.  


The programme, for up to 25 participants will meet four aims over two full-day sessions:

  • To develop effective working relationships across the network
  • To enhance influencing and negotiation skills
  • To have greater confidence and personal resilience working across systems
  • To develop more effective and assertive communication skills.

Session 1

The first session will begin with an opportunity for participants to discuss their desired outcomes and to agree a way of working together. During the session, participants will be introduced to their closed and secure online network on NHS Networks. They will learn how to use the virtual resource and agree how else to work together in future as a sustainable peer support group. 


We share experience and methodologies of collaboration, managing resistance and conflict, tackling difficult conversations and wicked problems. The participants are asked to reflect on any areas where they feel they lack confidence and where they may wish to develop their leadership style. They learn about how their behaviours impact on the wider team.


The trainer shares theory and models to support the development of influencing skills – especially influencing upwards – and personal resilience. Participants learn about self-coaching in order to make a sustainable learning and development plan.


Session 2

This session follows on from previous discussions and the focus is on effective and powerful communication skills using a mix of taught theory and practical application with participants being able to practice in a safe environment.


Participants spend time working on what they will do differently, how they will apply the learning and how they will know if and when this is achieved. The final session also includes a revisit of the network and consolidation of the learning and of the group’s plans going forward.


Training Provider: PCC


Additional Information for the Session:

Free car parking available on site

Lunch will be provided