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Acrobat Reader Document20200618_PLAN_InfoSheet07_GPRs_FINAL.pdfFriday
Acrobat Reader Document(S7) CUES Service Summary One Pager.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader DocumentHerefordshire and Worcestershire CUES Practice list_ final list.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader DocumentPE UES Poster AW 2.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader DocumentCUES LMC letter Herefordshire and Worcestershire.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader DocumentCO485_guidance-and-standard-operating-procedures-general-practice-covid-19 24'06'20.pdfJun 30
New GP Partnership Payment SchemeGP Partnership PaymentJun 30, 2020
Acrobat Reader Documentbma-tourism-covid-infographic.pdfJun 29
Acrobat Reader Documentbma-tourism-summary-and-principles.pdfJun 29
Acrobat Reader DocumentGuidance for managing those who are unwilling to self-isolate when symptomatic with COVID-19 Worcs FINAL.pdfJun 29
MS Word DocumentNeonatal Hepatitis B Pathway.v2.docxJun 26
Acrobat Reader Document2020_06_16 Revalidation Update Message from your RO.pdfJun 19
Acrobat Reader DocumentRestoration Reimbursement Principles Letter FINAL Worcestershire.pdfJun 19
MS Excel DocumentAppendix 3 Claim Form COVID 19 - Restoration.xlsxJun 19
Acrobat Reader DocumentAppendix 1 Restoration and Reimbursement Principles FINAL.pdfJun 19
MS Word DocumentAppendix 2 - E Declaration Practice COVID Unlock Plan.docxJun 19
Acrobat Reader DocumentRadiology Covid GP Comms 180620.pdfJun 18
Jpeg ImageCameron Fund Poster_Edited.jpgJun 18
Acrobat Reader DocumentCameron Fund signposting via weblink (2).pdfJun 18
MS Word Document200612 PFA PHE Psychological First Aid during Covid.docxJun 17
Acrobat Reader DocumentNURSE - Mentee Flyer FINAL.pdfJun 17
Acrobat Reader DocumentAir and Share Invite all GPs 8 July 2020.pdfJun 17
MS Word Documentdermatology letter june 2020.docxJun 17
Acrobat Reader DocumentNHSEI -Capturing beneficial innovation.pdfJun 12
Acrobat Reader Document200603 Technical advice to HCPs on imms for COVID-19 FINAL.pdfJun 9
Acrobat Reader DocumentPartnership Development Programme Draft Flyer Final.pdfJun 8
Acrobat Reader Document20200209 Wave5_Primarycare.pdfJun 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentGPC England summary SOP general practice in context of COVID-19.pdfJun 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentNSS letter example blank.pdfJun 5
MS Word DocumentPublic health strategies to control an outbreak - final.docJun 5
MS Word DocumentGuidance and standard operating procedures LMC update.docxJun 2
Acrobat Reader DocumentShinyMind App.pdfJun 2
Acrobat Reader DocumentTest and Trace strategy external Q&A.pdfMay 29
Acrobat Reader DocumentC0517 DOAC briefing for CCGs_27 May.pdfMay 28
Acrobat Reader DocumentAir and Share Invite all GPs.pdfMay 27
Acrobat Reader DocumentLetter to Parents FINAL.pdfMay 27
Acrobat Reader Document2020-05-20 PCN DES letter to GPC.pdfMay 22
Acrobat Reader DocumentARRS letter to practices 2021 final.pdfMay 22
Acrobat Reader Document2020 05 20 FINAL Letter re Resourse to support acutely unwell.pdfMay 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentTraining Hub Primary Care Vacancies Flyer v4.pdfMay 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentWMAS Monthly Briefing - April.pdfMay 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentCoViD-19 Related Deaths in Doctors and Risk Stratification.pdfMay 14
MS Word DocumentStaff Risk Assessment Form.docxMay 13
Acrobat Reader DocumentYear of the Nurse final.pdfMay 12
Acrobat Reader DocumentMSC - Care home testing letter 07 05 20.pdfMay 11
Acrobat Reader DocumentUpdate to all GP trainees 20200506.pdfMay 8
MS Excel Document8th May Bank holiday per STP (updated).xlsxMay 7
Department of Health:  Coronavirus (COVID-19): verifying death in times of emergencyCoronavirus (COVID-19): verifying death in times of emergencyMay 7, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentLPC - External Stakeholders Update 4 1st May 2020.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentLocum GP message Final 050520.pdfMay 5